AZ-USA sells clothes that are often referred to as being "glitzy" or "glam".The clothes are flashy and eye-catching with an urban,hip-pop image. Customers who like AZ-USA usually likes Dazies and Alvarado. They can't ALWAYS afford Alvarado. AZ-USA clothes tend to be similar to styles favored by Japanese Gyaru, and many of the customers who prefer the brand appear to resemble Ganguro or Kogyaru with tanned skin and bleached hair.

The description in the Buyer's Center/Exhibition Hall is:

Urban, street-chic flavas for true hip-HOT divas

Use AZ-USA in the following contest concepts:

  • Rock-Show Glitz

The brand rep is called Krystal

In Trendsetters, the brand rep is Erika


Name Number Price Color
Spotty Bikini Top 00704 $30.00
Satin Halter 12204 $32.00
Fake Leather Cami 00070 $58.00
Fake Leather Cami 12238 $58.00
Fake Leather Cami 12239 $58.00
Fake Leather Cami 12240 $58.00
Fake Leather Cami 12241 $58.00