There are hundreds of customers in the game. It is important to know their style when selling to them. Most of the time their style can be determined by what they wear into the shop or the keywords they use. Budget can also be a helpful indicator; a customer with a budget of $4000 is unlikely to want cheap brands like pure cloth.

Name Quote Favourite Brands Budget Photo
Anita Likes to try things herself. Likes housework.



Jem Likes antiques. Plays the piano. -$2160.00-
Lou Used to study ballet. Hates ketchup, loves mayo. -$2080.00-
Brittany Guy crazy. Falls in love all the time. Sonata -$2160.00-
Vikki Hates cooking. Loves luxury brands. -$1680.00-
Evie Loves children. Boyfriend's name is Kevin. -$480.00-