Diana "Didi" is the local Hair stylist; you can visit her salon to change your character's hair at any time.

With her dynamic personality, Didi is a friendly character, sometimes referring to your character as 'babe'. 

If Didi visits your shop (normally on Tuesdays), she will ask you to pick out an outfit for her, or tell you about how her business is going and that you should come by etc.

Didi tries all sorts of fashions but the brands she does like and can afford are:

  • Dazies
  • AZ-USA
  • Alvarado
  • Masquerade

Unlike Olivia, Didi's fashion sense is more wide and wacky as Didi enjoys wearing almost all brands recommended.

For a little while after you sell her the outfit, Didi will be wearing it whenever you visit her shop!

Didi's Japanese name is "Sora", which means "sky".