Special boutique page

Example of a special 'boutique page'

- After winning the International Contest for the first time, you will have the option to create an alternate face for your character.

- Customers will periodically ask you to go on outings with them. Just go to the map and tap the new icon that appears on it after you are asked out. When on an outing, Libby will always appear and ask to take a photo of you. The kind of outings that are available always change based on the season.

Possible outings are... Afternoon Tea, Boat Trip, Cherry Blossoms, Cafe, Camping Trip, Castle, Chinatown, Concert, Dinner Party, Halloween Party, Hiking, Holiday Shopping, Movie Premiere, New Year's Celebrations, Out at a Club, Park (Fall), Park (Spring), Park (Summer), Park (Winter), Party, Rose garden and Skiing.

Make sure you play on your birthday (or the date your DS thinks is your birthday) to get some extra special items and quality time with Dominic =]

- Sometimes characters such as Eunice, Olivia and Didi come to your store as customers and in the case of Olivia and Didi, wear their purchased outfits whenever you come visit in their store

- On the start-up screen of Style Savvy (the Main Menu with your avatar on the left and the options on the right) if you leave the DS long enough without touching the screen you can watch a little movie that's like a mini trailer for the game.

  • The 1st time you go to the Main Menu you'll see your avatar on the left screen
  • 2nd time you'll see a brand rep/customer/Nuances model
  • 3rd time you'll see an specially made 'boutique page' advertizing a certain brand (the boutique page is different every time!)

- At some point in the game, while you are tending your shop, Renée will tell you she heard passing tourists say they "made this game." Weird, right?