Emmylou is Michaela's part time employee at Mira Luna. She's amazed to meet the main character and is taken aback by her fashion sense. She always tries her best to impress Michaela and the MC. During the beginning of th game, she's Michaela's guinea pig for trying on outfits of different styles.

Emmylou takes a walk with the MC talking about how she wants go off on her own to become a designer herself and create amazing outfits. She then tells the MC thanks for listening to her and the next day quits her job at Mira Luna to work on her own stuff.

Emmylou will later come as a costumer and buy clothing. She prefers the feminine style clothing from Cantata Modo . She later wins the Elite Contest in the game and goes against the MC in the International Contest.


Emmylou is a costumer. She asks you for a feminine outfit the first time she is a costumer. If you have the Try it on! option, she'll do the Girly action.

End of spoilers. 


After Michaela does her first outfit try on Emmylou, she wears Pop. She says it's not for her. On Michaela's second try, she puts on frills for clothes. Michaela says " When you were a little girl, did you want to be a princess?" Michaela said. Emmylou replied, "When I saw the Frills, I was amazed!". After she's done, she wants you to dress her in a feminine outfit.