is the player's mentor and friend. On the first days, the player is trained to be a stylist in her shop, Strata (US)/Primavera (PAL).

Later, when the player has her own shop, she is able to visit Strata/Primavera and talk to Grace. She will give the player some hints and tips.

Grace has a section in the magazine Nuances where she talks about upcoming trends and the season's hottest looks.

She explains which brands are which and what to expect from working in a boutique. On one occasion where she talks about the brand AZ-USA, she reveals when she was younger she loved the urban look.

When you put up a mannequin which is not dressed for the season (summer, winter etc.) Grace may come to your store and give you some pointers.

If customers come to your boutique asking for an outfit that Grace would wear, the brand Alvarado is a good choice.

Grace also may pop into your store to come and test your customer service skills if you haven't played in over a month. - courtesy of

In the Platinum Contest, Grace is one of your main competitors, but she can be relatively easy to beat.

According to Renee, Grace is scared of teddy bears and doesn't like tomatoes.

Style Savvy: TrendsettersEdit

In the sequel, Grace along with Renee can visit the player's boutique. She offers you a chance to learn her secrets, and insists that there is more you have to learn. The Trendsetters player character reminds her of the character from the original game.