When you are a "guest designer" you are collaborating with a brand. Unfortunately you cannot collaborate with masquerade. The brand rep will provide you with a style and you get to pick out the color(s).

Example of the letter you get when you enter 'Guest Designer' in your shop menu:

I'd like you to help us with the design of this item. You should have received the colour samples already. I just know that you're going to make a great designer!

After making your colour selection, the brand representative calls you and tells you they think your design is fantastic. They then ask if they can give the design to their production team.

You will be sent samples of the garment.

Brand Garment Number Garment Name Image
pure cloth 10651 Simple Long Sleeve Shirt
Karamomo Blossom-cuff capri shorts
Penbridge 00924 Pleated plaid miniskirt
Sonata 00145 Lace-trim empire dress