Magazines can be read to pick up on new trends. There are magazines for hair, makeup, and fashion. Milla is in
the hair salon, Aurora is in the cosmetics store, and Nuances can be found in your store and apartment. There are new editions of magazines every month.

If you compete in enough fashion contests you may be featured in Nuances Below is a guide on how to be featured in Nuances:

1. Win a couple of fashion contests. Felicity will always interview you after you win your first contest and after the International Contest.

2. After you win a couple of competitions, Felicity will visit your store.

3. She will complement your store and then she'll ask you for two of your best selling items. They don't have to be bestsellers, just any two items. (make sure you have a lot of the item you pick because people will request to buy it, a lot of people.)

4. She will ask you to pick out an outfit for the model to wear on the cover. She'll buy anything for any price.