Michaela is the owner of the botique Mira Luna, in Style Savvy: Trendsetters. She is a well known for winning the Elite Contest with Avery, her model. She hires main character to work at her shop along with her other part-time assistant, Emmylou.

She teaches the main character how to make outfits, look for styles in the catalogue, and eventually hands over Mira Luna to the main character, if they are able to create an outfit to her likings. After handing over the shop to the main character, she calls over her friend Harris to help redesign the shop to the MC's liking. The first remodel is free of charge.

After handing over the shop to the MC, she comes back either giving advice to help run the shop or to buy an outfit. She likes bold and luxury items, making AZ-USA and ZHADE her top brand choices. 

She later informs the MC on contests after Emmylou wins her first contest.