My Shop

Boutique interior and mannequin (courtesy of Style Boutique website)

Your shop is where you work. Renee is also working here and helping you with the shop as well.

There are 22 interior designs and 9 music pieces to play in your boutique.

There are many options when you tap "menu":

1. Shop display - Place and put up mannequins on display. Customers will buy outfits if they like it.

2. Shop info - Rename your shop, see your shop's rank, and see the takings you earned from last month to this month.

3. My picks - Put the clothes in your picks so it's easier enough to find.

4. Stockroom - Remove or see the stock you have.

5. Save (can be purchased from Dominic's Mansion) - Save the progress of your game.

6. Music/Interior - Change either the interior or music, or maybe both!

7. Mailouts and leaflets (Style Boutique) (can be purchased from Dominic's Mansion) - Send ads to different customers all over town. Leaflets (or pamphlets) can be distributed through DS Wireless Play.

8. Hold sale (can be purchased from Dominic's Mansion) - Hold either 10% sale, 30% sale, or 50% sale.

9. Guest Designer (only available if you accept a brand rep's offer to design with them) - Collaborate with a brand with a certain item.

At the bottom of the customer screen, you can check your calendar and read a magazine.