HI, question um...well eunice came by once and was like "hmm, yes this is a fine establishment...-something soething- dominic -something something- ill be back in one month" and i was like "o-o??????" ad she never came by again, shes NEVER shopped at my store before so i HAVE NO IDEA WHATS GOING ON!!!??? help

Unless you've already figured this out, she comes back when you are wearing the whole maid costume that you have to win in contests. Don't worry, this made me "O_O" too so, you're not alone. :P Hope this was helpful.

^i figured that part out, thanks, but it's NOT that, i wasn;t wearing the costume, i NEVER wore it b4 that and she just comes in and talks like a dad giving premition for their kid to date, she said she'd come back in a month and i was like ". . .what????" and she hasn;t come yet, so m CONFUSED!!!!!...taskete(help me)